Globalization has brought the international dimension of business into our daily business lives: Foreign exchange movements; political events affecting the price of oil; the bankruptcy of a large foreign bank or any other event of this type are intrinsic to today’s international landscape.

In the field, foreign competition is more and more present, a trend that is intensifying as the web is breaking down market entry barriers (those of others and or own).

In the Western world, the shortages of man power are affecting the location strategies as well as recruitment and training efforts.

In summary, international business is unavoidable and thus strategic. It entails a substantive investment in financial, human and managerial resources. It also requires a new conception of the business and of its positioning.

Although some short term gains can sometimes be achieved, international business more often requires sustained medium and long efforts to achieve the full potential and the expected results.


At UNAK, we believe that the path to success can be scoped out through:

  • A clear strategic intent;
  • An insightful reading of the business context and issues;
  • Engaging in sound execution;
  • Identifying and weighing the risks;
  • Deploying resouces by balancing growth and liquidity.

Balancing all these elements together is a management challenge. This is where we can help: Making international business profitable.