Productivity and innovation are two of the pillars which can help business achieve a competitive edge to facilitate their differentiation and to overcome the challenges associated with the unfavorable evolution of exchange rates.

International business transactions have been greatly facilitated over recent years thanks to developments in the field of IT. The process of buying and selling has been considerably improved through internet platforms which reduce the costs of establishing contacts between buyers and sellers; facilitate transacting and associated payments; while revolutionizing the logistics industry which allow the optimization and synchronization of various sources of international procurement.

While the nature of the risks confronting business today is more or less the same as in the recent past (political, commercial, creditworthiness and reputation), the scale of the impact of these risks has increased substantially namely when liquidity becomes an essential condition to the company’s short term survival.

P. Luc Dupont
UNAK International Advisory Services



UNAK is an Advisory Group that assists its clients to succeed internationally through clear strategic intents and road maps emphasizing execution, collaboration and results.

UNAK (ЮНАК in Cyrillic) is a name inspired by Bulgarian mythology. It designates a gifted hero with strong values, sharp intelligence and resourceful courage. This mythical hero has guided us in choosing his name to define the branding of our company.

These qualities allow him to take on important challenges and to achieve ambitious objectives. Greater than nature, UNAK helps the good triumph, while circumventing dangers and overcoming the shortcomings that undermine the achievement of his potential. This allows him to succeed while positively contributing to the progress of his community while leaving his mark.


At UNAK, we believe that the path to success can be scoped out through:

  • A clear strategic intent;
  • An insightful reading of the business context and issues;
  • Engaging in sound execution;
  • Identifying and weighing the risks;
  • Deploying resouces by balancing growth and liquidity.

Balancing all these elements together is a management challenge. This is where we can help: Making international business profitable.